Last Modified: 12 May 2015

To ensure everyone is who they say they are and subsequently provide a safer environment for you and everyone else to meet people, we require all members to verify, at the very least, their identity and photo.

1. Do I have to pay to verify my profile?

Yes. A small once-off verification fee is applicable when you purchase your first subscription. Thereafter, any additional verifications or updates are free of charge provided you have an active subscription. Also see Verification Help and Terms.

2. How do I verify my profile?

Once you've joined, make sure you complete your profile first and then follow the verification steps and guidelines on the Verify Me section of your profile.

3. Will my profile automatically be verified once I provide the required documents?

No. All verification documents are manually checked by our verification team. Verifications are usually processed within one working day, but it may be longer at times of high demand and on weekends when we have fewer staff.

4. Can I update documents that are already verified?

Once your identity has been verified, you will not be able to change it. Your verification photo, however, can be updated at any time, provided you have an active subscription. The optional verifications will only be enabled for update should any of the related information in your About Me or Account Details pages be edited.

5. Will any of the verification information I provide be visible in my profile?

Your verification photo will be visible in your profile. All other verification information will be visible to our verification team only. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for full details.

6. What happens if my verification fails?

If your verification fails, you will receive an email explaining why your verification attempt failed and how to proceed going forward.

If your identity and/or photo verification fails due to poor quality documentation supplied and/or the verification team requiring additional information, you will have 3 days to re-submit the failed document(s) and/or supply supporting documents. Failing to respond within 3 days will result in your subscription being cancelled. The amount you paid for your subscription will be refunded, but not the verification fee.

Should your identity and/or photo verification fail due to obvious abuse of our terms, we will cancel your subscription or in extreme cases, terminate your membership.

If your subscription was cancelled and refunded, you will be allowed to retry the verification with the correct documents. You will however need to resubscribe, as well as pay the verification fee again.

In the event of suspension or termination due to gross misconduct (e.g. attempting to create fraudulent or fake profiles) and/or repeat offenses, subscription and verification fees paid are not refundable.

7. Will my subscriber benefits be available immediately once you receive payment?

Once payment is received, your profile and verifications will immediately be queue'd for approval. Verifications are usually processed within one working day, but it may be longer at times of high demand and on weekends when we have fewer staff.

Rest assured that you will not lose any time off your subscription period. Your subscription will only be activated when your profile has successfully been approved. However, if you have automatic renewal enabled, your subscription will renew on the same day of the month as your purchase date.